How To Learn Hangul – Tips

Vowel Letter Sound Sounds like
a A in Car
ya Ya in Yard, yank
eo O in Song, umbrella
yeo Yo in Yonder, young,yuh, yup
o O in Rome, so, go, open, sew
yo Yo as in just Yo, yo-yo, yoga, yolk, yodel, yoda, yogurt
u OO as in Boob, pool, moon,hoop,

soup, who

yu Yu as in You, youth
eu Like OO in br
Pronounced as “u” as in “put”, sushi
pronounced further back in throat.
e Like EE in Meet, feet, tree, ship,
Consonant Letter
Consonant Letter Sounds like
G as in gallery, gawk,gazillion,gavel,gazette, galactic, guess,gun
N as in nose, nap
D as in door, dog
R/L as in roll, roast

sounds more similar to l than r.1. Touch the ceiling of your mouth your tongue (not back of your upfront teeth)
2. move it down while you make a sound.

M as in map
B as in bat, bucket, bear
S as in summit, smile, snake’

ㅅ’is usually pronounced as ‘s’ in most positions, however,it is pronounced as ‘sh’ when it comes before
ㅣ, ㅑ,ㅕ, ㅛ, ㅠ, ㅟ, ㅒ, ㅖFor example:사랑 (sarang)
쇼 (show)
스시 (sushi)

silent if at beginning of syllable,NG if at ending, kingdom
J as in joke jump, joy
CH as in chalk, chin, change
K as in kayak, kite, kid
T as in tar, toy
P as in pot
H as in hot, ham,house